Sites for use by Windows Mobile and Pocket PC Phones such as the Sprint PPC-6700 and other small devices like the Nokia N800.  Other small devices may also be able to view these sites.  All sites are tested with the Sprint PPC-6700 PDA phone.  The focus is on Windows Mobile and Pocket PC,  but palm-based devices such as the Treo should be able to use some of the links.  This site also displays well in a normal PC browser.
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Mobile GMail

Yahoo Bookmarks

GrandCentral Mobile

Discussion Groups

Television on your Phone (These stations are not 100% reliable and feeds may be down at any given time.  Keep trying.)

Windows Media Stations:

RealPlayer Stations (requires RealPlayer or RealOne) These are not as reliable on Pocket PC devices as the Windows Media stations:

Additional resources for television on your Windows Mobile Device:

Radio Stations on your Phone (some of these require an additional software player)


Other Radio Sources:

News and Information
Get text-based news and information on your device without all of the slow, clunky graphics.

Mobile Portals